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Norway-Japan Marine Science Week 2014

Norway-Japan Marine Science Week 2014

As two marine nations, Japan and Norway have an impressive joint activity portfolio within education, research and business. Encouraged by the various cooperation activities, the Norway-Japan Marine Science Week 2014 is made as an arena for sharing information on recent achievements, discussing important issues related to seafood safety, our use of ocean and coastal areas and how to develop marine related industries sustainably.

The Marine Seminar on June 4, 2014 will be the main event during the week, with numerous speakers from Japan and Norway. The plenary session in the morning will be addressing government and industry policies and strategies and some of the key areas of relevance to both countries. In the afternoon, the 6 parallel sessions will be going more in detail into some specific areas:

Session 1: “Seafood safety in a wider context”
Session 2: “Synergies and multipurpose utilization of marine resources”
Session 3: “Arctic sea ice and ocean acidification”
Session 4: “Climate change”
Session 5: “Uni-nomics: Building a sustainable industry by balancing nature, science and market forces”
Session 6: “Creating new marine bioindustries through innovation”


Venue: Tokyo International Exchange Center, Plaza Heisei (Odaiba)

Language: Plenary session, Session 1, 2 and 5 will have simultaneous interpretation Japanese-English, while the other sessions will use English.

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Posted: April 25, 2014 at 11:06