Norway-Japan Marine Seminar 2012

MAY 10 2012
TOKYO, Japan

Bjørn Eirik Olsen

Director, Division of Fisheries-, Industry- and Market Research
Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research, NOFIMA

Björn Eirik Olsen is a Fisheries Candidate from the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, University of Tromsø, and he also has education from Department of Political Science, University of Oslo, as well as Strategic Management from the Norwegian School of Business and Administration in Bergen. He has been studying in Kyushu University in the early 1980’s, he worked with Project Japan in the late 1980’s (a seafood marketing program led by Innovation Norway), and he was the first Fisheries Counsellor to the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo from 1991 to 1994.


2012-05-10 at 14:10: Towards a Market-Based Management of Fisheries Resources?