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Japan-Norway Arctic Science and Innovation Week 2016

June 2-3 2016

Addressing major scientific challenges and new opportunities in polar environments

Polar Regions are rapidly changing as a result of global climate change. Amplified temperatures in the Arctic, modified circulation patterns at high latitudes, variations in sea ice and snow cover, and ocean surface temperature, are all important factors influencing the global climate system. The changes therefore represent major challenges, as well as opportunities, for the human presence in the polar areas with potential large environmental, economic and social implications for society.

Japan and Norway actively contribute to the knowledge needed to understand and identify the processes behind the rapid changes in polar areas.

The purpose of the Japan-Norway Arctic Science and Innovation Week 2016 is to strengthen cooperation between leading Norwegian and Japanese institutions actively involved in research, higher education and industry/business activities in the Arctic and the Antarctic. The event will build upon long traditions of polar research collaboration between Japan and Norway, existing collaboration agreements and partnerships.

Japan-Norway Arctic Science and Innovation Week 2016 reaches out to research, higher education institutions and companies. The Government representatives and research funding agencies will present their strategies and national plans, as well as opportunities for bilateral and multilateral cooperation and mobility. The event will be open for the media.

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Posted: June 2, 2016 at 16:40