• Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg

    Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, spoke at the Norway-Japan Technology and Business Forum

  • Hotel New Otani

    Events associated with planned Prime Minister’s official visit was held at the Hotel New Otani, Tokyo

  • Day One

    Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs spoke at the Seafood Seminar on Day One.

  • Day Two

    The Norwegian Prime Minister, Mr Jens Stoltenberg, spoke at the Norway-Japan Business and Technology Forum on Day 2

Tokyo welcomes the Norwegian Prime Minister

The Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg paid an official visit to  Japan between November 1 to 3, 2012. The Prime Minister was accompanied by a commercial delegation.

To mark this event, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, in cooperation with Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council, invited representatives from governments, industries and institutions to attend a series of seminars aimed at promoting business, science and technology relations between Japan and Norway.

OCTOBER 31, 2012


The seminar “Building Consumer Preference through Consumer Confidence”, took place on 31 October 2012 from 13.00 – 17.30 followed by an informal get-together hosted by the Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen. The diverse programme provided exiting insights to all participants in the industry from fishermen to retailers on how to build consumer confidence throughout the value chain and position seafood as the preferred choice of protein.

For further details, see the Day 1 Agenda.

NOVEMBER 2, 2012


Featuring a plenary speech by Norwegian Prime Minister, Mr Jens Stoltenberg, followed by five parallel seminars covering a wide variety of topics: diversity in the labor force, maritime, renewable energy, tourism and polar issues.  Forum participants are also invited to the Norwegian official dinner on the occasion of the Prime Minister`s visit.

For further details, see the Day 2 Agenda.